My name is Melissa Cobos, 30 years old, french girl who grew up in south of France. I went to Paris studying fashion marketing during 4 years and had the chance to be part of Barbara Bui Press office. Then in 2010, I decided to move to Miami where I still live and where I founded my family and fulfilled my dreams. 
my Homesickness made me escape to my fashion blog Melissalovesroe ... the name ? my son is Monroe. 

It was the beginning of it all at the time ! I am proud to be one of the first bloggers since 2010. Then my online Shops followed, MarlowMarket, Frankiebymelissa, Marlow35, my babies, Must-Shop-at for fashion lovers who are looking for unique pieces and can’t travel to get them…  

I now continue my journey practicing my passion for fashion, interior and design combining my international experiences and skills into the design of packaging for the haircare brand  : 
the brand is now at Sephora and we are very proud about it. 
I've put my whole love and heart in the design of its packaging.  

Follow my journey, my work, my life...

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