Lower East Side x Maryam Nassir Zadeh

The owners, Maryam and her husband Uday Kak have created a very unique and personal space by bringing together designer clothes next to modernist sculptures, sculptural jewelry with handpicked flea market finds on handmade wooden tables, oxford shoes and leather bags against the exposed cement.
Describe your style.
"Bohemian classic with an emphasis on color and accessories."
What's your favorite thing about your job?
"Meeting new inspiring people."
What are the five essentials that make up your look right now?
1. "Vena Cava short sleeve leather jacket."
2. "Marion Vidal steel and cotton bracelet."
3. "Acne Tube jeans."
4. "Jasmin Shokrian chiffon T-shirts."
5. "Rachel Comey Mars boots."
What are your most exciting recent finds?
"A wooden geometric children's puzzle, African indigo textiles, porcelain hands, an Isabel Marant plaid jumpsuit, Susan Cianciolo, yellow Repetto sandals, Marjory Sweet, and our new apartment."


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