it GirL > LuCy Williams

She is one of those beautiful girls that everyone wants to photograph: 
all long blonde hair, cute hat, leather biker jacket and great big smile.
Lucy is a fashion and beauty assistant for Stylus.com (a new online design inspiration platform) and she also has a fantastic blog spilling over with beautiful, inspiring images called Fashion Me Now. Lucy doesn't really do posts on her own outfits but maybe you could convince her to do a couple now and then ;)
Striped t-shirt (vintage), H&M jeans. Most of Lucy's jewellery she has picked up while travelling but she does recommend Indian Summer and Thailandia in Fulham, London for jewellery that looks like you have picked it up from a market in some exotic, far-flung location

One of my favourite pieces from Lucy's awesome and overflowing (with tiny denim shorts, black motorcycle boots, sheer dresses and tops) wardrobe was these candy-floss pink Isabel Marant shorts (you know the one's Gisele has on in the Isabel Marant advert's?). 
I loved everything about them including the ribbon lacing them up at the front- they managed to look cute, and hot all at once.
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